Amended by the Law of Ukraine № 2222-VI dated 08.12.2004, the Law № 2952-VI dated 01.02.2011, the Law № 586-VII dated  19.09.2013, and the Law № 742-VII dated 21.02.2014.

The Law of Ukraine № 2222-VI dated 08.12.2004 is recognized as such that does not correspond to the Constitution of Ukraine (is unconstitutional), in accordance with the Decision the Constitutional Court of Ukraine № 20-рп/2010 dated 30.09.2010 due to infringement of the constitutional procedure of its consideration and adoption.

The provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine adopted at the fifth session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 28.06.1996, with amendments and attachments, contributed by the Laws of Ukraine № 2222-VI dated 08.12.2004, № 2952-VI dated 01.02.2011, № 586-VII dated 19.09.2013, are recognized to be in force at the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Decree № 750-VII dated 22.02.2014.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, on behalf of the Ukrainian people - citizens of Ukraine of all ethnicities, expressing the sovereign will of the people, based on the centuries-old history of Ukrainian state-building and on the right to self- determination realized by the Ukrainian nation, all the Ukrainian people, providing for the guarantee of human rights and freedoms and of the worthy conditions of human life, caring for the strengthening of civil harmony on Ukrainian soil, striving to develop and strengthen a democratic, social, law-based state, aware of our responsibility before God, our own conscience, past, present and future generations, guided by the Act of Declaration of the Independence of Ukraine of 24 August 1991, approved by the national 1991, vote of 1 December adopts this Constitution — the Fundamental Law of Ukraine.